Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of use of the Program King platform (www.programking.com and the Program King Mobile App) are that “Trainers” must be a qualified Health Professional with valid insurance, applicable to their sector and constituency, in order to engage in programming activities for “Clients”.

Subscribing to the Program King platform and accepting the terms and conditions, is acknowledgement of liability and duty of care with respects to considerate exercise prescription and programming, reviewable on a case by case basis, for each “client” serviced.

“Clients” may use the Program King platform under the guidance of their “Trainer” or health professional and by doing so acknowledge the various risks associated with exercise and accept sole responsibility for their engagement in any training program, workout or exercise prescribed to them.

Use of the Program King platform that is deemed inappropriate, discriminatory, abusive or threatening may result in the temporary suspension or permanent removal of services, without obligation to refund the paying user (“Trainer” or health professional) for any periods used or unused.