What is Program King?​

Program King is a digital platform and programming tool for health professionals to add value to the services they offer their clients.

What is a health professional?​

A health professional is anybody who works within the health, fitness, sports and leisure industries that are qualified to write and prescribe training programs/exercise routines e.g. Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Sports Coaches.

I am not a health professional; can I use Program King?​

Program King is available for health professionals and their clients. If your Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Physio/Sports Therapist or Sports Coach uses our platform then they can add you to their account as a client.

Is the app available on iOS and Android?​

Yes, we have a custom-built hybrid app that is available to download, for free, from the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Where is Program King available?​

Program King is available internationally. Sign up and use our platform at any time, from anywhere!

I am new to exercise; is Program King suitable for me?​

Program King is a digital platform and programming tool for health professionals to build custom training programs and exercise routines that best suit your needs. Our database has 1000’s of exercises that range from complete beginner to highly advanced difficulty levels.

I am recovering from an injury; can I use Program King for my rehabilitation?​

Yes. Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are experts in rehabilitation and can access our database of exercises to construct a specific rehabilitation program that will meet your needs and aid your recovery.

Do I have to be a member of a gym to benefit from Program King?​

Absolutely not. Our database covers a range of exercise types, including bodyweight exercise, meaning you can achieve your goals regardless of what facilities you have available to you.